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Best Friends!

Ummm so he doesn't know how to put on sunglasses.  NO big deal.

Check him out now. 

They are best friends.  I'm so glad he has a big cousin to look up to and who will lead him in the right direction.  He's a lucky little boy.

So once Trevar started this... he never wanted it to stop.  Ever.  Trev's poor arms.

On a technical note - the photos are so grainy because I had inadvertantly turned the ISO to 3200.  My little camera can do SO much and my finger must have slipped.  My bad - I kinda like the grain though.


Mellow Monday

After all of my running around town, I was able to actually cook dinner and watch some tv.  NICE!  Dinner is blogged on my cooking tab.  Go check it out!

Something must have been really good on tv!

And dinner must have been REALLY good.  It makes me feel accomplished when the family loves dinner!

How can I not take a pic of my little boy!  He's been saying THEEESE!  I wonder who taught him that.

Oh YEA!  We were watching Good Luck Charlie last night while eating dinner.  HAHA!  He loves Miss Charlie - think he has a crrruuuuusssshhhhh!

A bit grainy but I love it!  LOVE IT!

Oh again with the tv...

I adore kisses from my main man.  So does his sissy!

Oh no more kisses!!!

Okay never mind - she'll give HIM kisses anyway.

And then I went to bed.  An hour and a half after they went to bed.  It was way too late.  Hopefully I'll get to sleep early tonight!



Exactly the same

I found these pictures in my stash.  Seriously?!  I'm in for some trouble.


Nothing new...

If you are from Alabama, I know you have heard all about the heat wave!  It's 104 today!  Or it's 106 today!  Or It's hot as hades up in here.  All true by the way.  I was able to experience it first hand on Saturday.  Both girls had softball games.  Yes, I thought I was totally insane for letting them play in the heat and for sitting in the heat to watch them.  But honestly... if you are ready for the heat and prepare for it by bringing a cooler packed full of four bags of ice, a case of water, 20 gatorades, watermelon, rags soaked in ice water, fans, tents, generators, and of course... shaved ice - the MOST important of all.  The kids did extrememly well in the heat - well maybe I'm lying a bit.  My youngest daughter became very whiney and made every excuse because she didn't want to play in the heat.  After a quick nap, she woke up ready to go.  We did have to wake her up at 5:30 to get ready to head to the ball park so she definitely needed a nap.  We asked Mem to keep our little boy because I knew it would be more than miserable for him.

Both girls teams went to the semi-finals but fell short.  So we went home early... that would be leaving the park at around 9:45 or so.  Nice huh?  7am to 9:45pm.  We must be insane or in love with the sport.  I would probably lean more towards insane.

My baby waiting in the wings to pitch.  Love her focus and her love of the game.  I love watching her play.

Can you tell she loves it when her mommy takes her picture?  

Lookin all tough and grown up.  I secretly wish I looked like that in ball pants.  I swear to you - if I did, I would be wearing those babies 24/7.  Promise you!

She hit pretty stinking good this weekend.  While my face melted, she just looked effortless.  

So people can be coordinated enough to do this.  I'm not sure where she got her ability to pitch from - it certainly wasn't me or her daddy.  Her daddy says she got it from him and I agree.  BAAHAHAHA!

Oh yea baby girl.  Lookin tough out there.  Well she looked tough until the inning stretched out longer than expected.  She literally started melting.  Sinking right into the grass. 

Although she was hot and didn't want to be out longer than 5 minutes at a time, she hit pretty darn well!  She told her daddy she wanted a break.  I totally get it - man it was miserably hot and who wants to be out in the sun playing softball in that heat?!?!  Oh yea, everyone else on her team and her sister and everyone on her team.  I think she does need a little break!  HA!

We spent Sunday in the air conditioned house.  Man our power bill is going to be out of this world.  We should get some kind of break over the summer months.  Yea right.  Like that would ever happen.


Pops, Skateboard and Park

All I wanted to do this weekend was to take the kids to the park and grab some popsicles from Steel City Pops.  Nick came home late today.... and I was bummed.  So bummed that I was pretty ill.  I'm saying ill to be southern and polite but if I was from.... let's say up north somewhere like Indiana.... I would say that I was pissed off big time!  HAHA!  My SIL said that she knows someone from Indiana that says southerners are way too polite and should just be blunt and say what they mean.  Whatevs.  I won't get on my soapbox right now... who cares anyway.

We ended up going and I perked up right away!  I grabbed my camera, then my purse and turned around to grab the diaper bag (duh mom) and the keys (double duh).  Off we went - driving on autopilot to Homewood.  I was driving so much on autopilot that I drove right by my turn and then acted drunk as I was trying to figure out where the crap to turn around in Homewood.  The curbs are too high people!  I know I'm in a van but I'd like to keep it for a while.

We got to Steep City Pops (I instagramed the pics - @jennynicholson) and parked by a sewer grate that smelled SO SO SO Bad.  Noelle said - mom I think a possum crawled in that whole and died.  Nice... and true.  EWWWW!  So I held my nose and ran.  Then had to run back to the van to be sure daddy got the babe.  It was so crowded!  And hot in there.  We opted for the hibiscus, sweet tea, cucumber lime, peanut butter and strawberry cream pops and they were ALL yummy!  And melted in like 5.4 seconds.  So I had to shove the entire pop in my mouth as my oldest daughter said - MOM!  Your mouth is HUGE!  Fantastic - that's exactly what I want to hear from my kids.

We grabbed our pops, held my breath and ran back to the van.  I sucked air as I shut the door and cranked the air up to HIGH.  I cannot stand the smell of dead things.  Gross.  And off we went to Homewood Park - pops, skateboard and kids in tow.

My little buddy knew exactly what to do when daddy set the skateboard down.  He has never been on a board but watches videos with his daddy.

When did he get so big?  When?!?!

He didn't really want his pop.  He wanted the board and that was all.

Oh yea - here we go!

So sweet.  Nick was in heaven - teaching his son to skateboard.  Little did he know - his little girl waiting in the wings was VERY anxious to get on that board.

Nick picked him up and started skating FAST!  He said WEEEEEEEE!!! Which was all Nick needed to hear.  Faster faster!  LOL!

This little guy will have his own board very soon.  Mark my words.  I will not be the one to buy it... but it will magically appear in daddy's trunk and mommy will hear - but it was on SALE!

NEXT!  And boy did she jump on it.  She is our fearless child.  The one who would forgo all safety and try to skateboard by herself in flip flops.

All by herself.  First try.  And then she realized, OH NO I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP THIS THING.  BAHAHAHA!  Nick had to show her.  

She had the babysitting duty...  CUTE pic but then...

He pulls her hair.  He is SO good at that.  And then look at his face!  Priceless!

But he says sorry in the sweetest way...

Here she is looking beautiful with the board.  She doesn't know that she's about to have to get on it.  HA!

Don't let me go!

She is so scared.  HAHA!

Heck yea - I'm a pro now... until...

She has to get off...  She didn't know how and she was so scared.  HAHA!

So then her little sister had to get back on and show her up.  She asked for her own board and knee pads.  Yikes... I see some tricks in her future.  We'll see what happens!